A Backyard Full of Baltimore Orioles!

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The best thing about moving three years ago to our current home is the birds!  Having mature trees, and water near by has increased the number of birds that I see on a daily basis, dramatically.  Although it is hard to pick a favourite bird, the Baltimore Orioles that visit my yard are defiantly high ranking on my list!
Male Baltimore Oriole
I mean it's hard not to be mesmerized by their vibrant colour, playful chattering sounds and lovely song.

Chattering Oriole

This summer has been an explosion of orange and black.  For the past three summers, the number of Baltimore Orioles that have visited my yard has continued to increase as the birds come back each year to nest.  Four pairs returned to the area this summer.
Male and Female Baltimore Oriole hanging out in the rain
I like to think that habitat is just part of what brings them back year after year.  I like to think I have something to do with it as well.  Yes I know, it sounds like I think I am pretty important!  The fact of the matter is that whether I was there to feed the birds or not, they would be just fine on what Mother Nature provides for them.  However, I know that they do remember, and appreciate my offerings as proven by their repeat business at my bird diner. ;). The tips they leave me, are invaluable.  Their lovely songs and beauty fills me with such a sense of peace and strengthens my ties with nature, that I gladly wake up early to put out tasty mealworms, Birdberry Jelly, Mealworms, orange halves and nectar.
Male Baltimore Oriole Enjoying some Tasty Mealworms from my Window Feeder
Even while I was away on a short trip, I had my family make sure to put out Birdberry Jelly and Mealworms every day.  The orange halves and nectar lasted during my short absence. I knew that the little ones would be arriving at my feeders soon and wanted to make sure they had everything they needed.
Upon returning from my trip, I was astonished to see SIXTEEN, yes 16 Baltimore Orioles waiting in the trees, along the fence, at the feeders and in the bushes for me to put out their morning spread!!!  Wow, it was incredible.  It seemed at the time that each pair had brought their young to my feeding stations.  One family had three fledglings, while two others each had a pair of little ones, and one family had an only child!   It appeared that two of the families had already made several visits during my absence, as the little ones were quite familiar with the bounty.  The other pairs had their fledglings waiting in the trees and bushes while mom or dad brought food to them.

Juvenile Baltimore Oriole waiting for Mom and Dad to bring some food

One of the many fledgling Orioles that were waiting for mom and dad to come back with food for them.  This is how it begins...they watch, and learn
Since that first morning of my return it appears that I may have been too hasty when doing my initial count...I may have missed a baby or two in all the excitement, as there are definitely two families of 3 and one of 4...and still one only child.

I tell you these are busy parents!  I'm glad to be able to give them a helping hand.

I hope you try to attract these beauties to your yard too!

~ Leanne

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  1. Wow! Amazing! I am jealous. I love my Orioles. I have had success attracting them for three years running, this year I had two families...and got to see one fledgling...however, we went away for ONE NIGHT on July 1st and when we returned they were all gone, many of the other birds disappeared as well and we had a ton of crows. Each year they seem to leave in July. I don't know why and am missing them as they truly are entertaining.

    1. It is so great to hear you have been successful with orioles for three years! July 1 is good timing for orioles to be raising their young ones in the nest. When their babies hatch their diet changes from primarily fruit to primarily protein (insects and other invertebrates). That means they may not be visiting feeders as much, instead they will be hunting for insects. Feeding live mealworms can help to keep them around longer, as they will feed mealworms to their young ones (as per above). If you are seeing them up to the end of June they are most likely nesting in your area. I hope you get to see some young ones. They are out right now on their own (without mom and dad) at my feeders :) They sure grow fast!


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