Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

It's that time of year again! Each year, we get really excited about all of the birds we get to experience throughout the winter in southern Ontario AND all of the seasonal products that help us engage with them in special ways. We are going to overview some of our favourite winter products that make for amazing gifts for everyone from the experienced backyard birder to the person who has never fed wild birds before but could certainly benefit from the hobby. Feel free to send this to someone unsolicited if they need a small *nudge* in the right direction for their holiday shopping. 

Our favourite gifts and holiday products include:

  • Share the Joy Boxes: These boxes are a perfect 'starter' pack for someone you'd like to give the gift of birding to OR a great way to bundle seasonal items for the bird lover in your life. You can start someone off with a feeder and various food options to try with their backyard birds to experiment with! 

Buttons the seed character + Black-capped Chickadee. Photo by Kristen Martyn. 

  • Seasonal Seed Characters: along with Buttons (pictured above), we have several other adorable seasonal seed characters, including Preston the Penguin and Olive the Owl. 
  • Cranberry Wreath: The seasonal wreaths are such a fun way to decorate AND feed the birds at the same time. You can set them up either on an APS pole, within a wreath feeder, OR right on a tree for some lovely views! These feeders are packed with pecans, peanuts, black oil and sunflower chips, safflower and cranberries to attract a large variety of birds. 

Here you can see both the feeder on a tree as functional decoration, as well as in a wreath feeder. Pairing both together makes for a great gift! 

  • Winter Superblend Seed: Give your birds a little extra help with seasonally-savvy feeding! During the winter’s short daylight hours and colder weather, birds need every bit of nutrition available to get through the long night. Winter SuperBlend® can be used on its own or mixed into your normal seed blend. Packed with sunflower chips, pecans, peanuts, tree nuts, Bark Butter Bits and safflower, this blend is a nutritional powerhouse right when birds need it most.
  • Window Feeders: window feeders are SO special because they provide such incredible, close up views of birds. Pair with one of our bird coffee mugs + bird friendly coffee and gift someone the perfect morning. 

A male Cardinal eating mealworms out of a window Feeder. Photo by Leanne Leblanc. 

  • Bird Friendly Coffee: the stocking stuffer that could!! To learn more about how shade-grown coffee benefits birds globally and how your morning cup can contribute to saving the songbirds, read our full blog on the topic here. 

Bird watching is such a gift in itself, and the perfect thing to pass onto someone you love. There are positive mental health benefits associated with seeing wild birds. Science has confirmed that having birds around your home can act as a sort of preventative health care, creating happier places to live.

Happy holidays and happy gift giving! To yourself, the birds, and others. 



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