The Ultimate Woodpecker Feeder: Suet Cylinder Log Feeder

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

The Suet Cylinder Log Feeder has provided myself (along with many WBU team members and our customers!) with so many wonderful backyard birding experiences, I just had to write a blog all about it! With its likeness to a real log & offerings of nutritious suet, the Suet Cylinder Log Feeder has attracted many woodpecker species to my yard including a Red-headed Woodpecker, a Species at Risk in Ontario. Read below to learn why this feeder truly is the ultimate woodpecker feeder and how it can enhance your backyard birding experience.

Hairy Woodpecker (left) and Red-headed Woodpecker (right) feeding from Suet Cylinder Log Feeder

What makes the Suet Cylinder Log Feeder so special?

The Suet Cylinder Log Feeder is a unique feeder for many reasons. This feeder is not only beautiful, but also built to last. It is crafted from hardy resin and durable powder-coated metal to ensure longevity, and holds any of our nutritious and long-lasting suet cylinders. The Log Feeder also doubles as a Bark Butter feeder simply by spreading Bark Butter in the grooves of the "bark" on the outside of the feeder. The Suet Cylinder Log Feeder is favoured by woodpeckers, and is large enough to accommodate several birds at once - it can even hold a Pileated Woodpecker comfortably! The lid of this feeder comes off entirely, allowing for easy refills and cleanings. To learn how to properly clean your bird feeders, click here

Brown Creeper feeding from Suet Cylinder Log Feeder

Why do the birds love it?
The Suet Cylinder Log Feeder was designed to replicate the look and feel of tree bark, helping birds feel at ease approaching the feeder and feeding from it. The texture of the "bark" on the feeder provides great traction for birds as they climb and feed, and the scattered feeding holes imitate a natural feeding area. The weight of the Log Feeder keeps it sturdy as larger birds such as Northern Flickers or Pileated Woodpeckers land, making it more comfortable for them to feed from. The Suet Cylinder Log Feeder doubles as a suet cylinder feeder and a Bark Butter feeder, making it especially attractive to many species including those who may not typically visit bird feeders such as Brown Creepers, Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers, and even some warbler species. While this feeder is the ultimate woodpecker feeder, it is a great feeder for all clinging birds. Some species you may see visiting your Suet Cylinder Log Feeder include:

  • Brown Creepers
  • Woodpeckers: Red-headed, Red-bellied, Downy, Hairy, Pileated, Northern Flicker, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
  • Chickadees
  • Red-breasted & White-breasted Nuthatches
  • Warblers

While the Suet Cylinder Log Feeder is not grackle/starling/blackbird-proof, it is more difficult for these birds to cling to the feeder and to reach inside to get the suet than it is with standard suet feeders.

Hairy Woodpecker (left) and Northern Flicker (right) feeding from Suet Cylinder Log Feeder

What's the difference between suet cylinders and suet cakes?

Wild Birds Unlimited has a wide variety of high-quality suet available, with some formulas available in both Suet Cylinders and Suet Cakes. Both provide excellent nutrition and attract an array of birds. Suet cakes are a standard form in which suet is offered to birds and fits in many feeder styles, most of us who feed backyard birds are familiar with this style of suet. Suet cylinders are exclusive to Wild Birds Unlimited and fit in our specially designed suet cylinder feeders, like the Suet Cylinder Log Feeder. The major benefit of suet cylinders is that they are larger than suet cakes, lasting longer periods of time and costing less overall. This is especially helpful in the winter months when accessing feeders may be difficult due to snowfall.

Pileated Woodpecker feeding from Suet Cylinder Log Feeder

Where can I get my own?
The Suet Cylinder Log Feeder and Suet Cylinders are available exclusively at Wild Birds Unlimited locations. Our locations, WBU Barrie & WBU Newmarket, stock the Suet Cylinder Log Feeder and a variety of Suet Cylinders including Naturally Nuts, Nuts & Berries, and our popular SuperSuet which also comes in a squirrel-deterring Hot Pepper formula. Want help choosing the right formula or feeder for your yard? We got you! Simply message us on social media, send us an email, give us a call, or stop into the shop to chat with a team member.

Happy trails!
- Shayna

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