Holiday Gift Guide 2021: For the Bird Lovers in Your Life

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

While it may seem early, it's never too early to get on top of holiday shopping! It leaves more time to enjoy the magic as Christmas approaches. Less than 50 days left to go. Whether you want to do some *wink wink* hinting to your loved ones of what will bring you joy this season or looking to give someone the perfect gateway gift into backyard birding, we got you. 

This guide will include seasonal products, as well as year-round offerings that make fabulous gifts to the bird lover in your life.. or your newest convert. 

Or you could shop like me.. one for me, one for you... 

Let's get into it: 

1. Seed Characters

Each year we offer a few seasonal Seed Cylinder characters that double as decorations. They are formulated to attract a wide-range of birds. Buttons the Snowman is a long standing favourite of many and makes winter bird watching even more joyful. It feels really fun to invite the birds into the joy of the season. We also have Preston the Penguin, Olive the Owl, Blaze the Hot Pepper Squirrel and Rascal the Raccoon. Grab a few characters for yourself and a friend that will get a kick out of this. Cylinders are best served on Cylinder feeders, such as our Tidy Cylinder Feeder. Why not bundle a character and a feeder, all they need to do is hang it and enjoy! 

Chickadee on Buttons the Snowman. Photo by Kristen Martyn. 

2. Share the Joy Buttons Box

Because Seed Characters and Cylinder Feeders make such amazing gifts, we've made it even easier for you. Meet the Share the Joy Buttons Box, filled with our Buttons seed character, WBU Mini Cylinder Feeder, WBU Naturally Nuts No-Melt Suet Stackable®, WBU Nutty for Nuts® Stackable® and WBU No-Mess Stackable®. If you're looking to give someone the gift of bird feeding this is a great starter pack, they are guaranteed to attract some birds and get hooked. If you already have a bird lover in your life, they know that suet cylinders and suet cakes are extremely popular during winter months especially, and would be elated to get this gift. There is no better feeling than rushing out to set up your feeder and enjoy the view while you're on holidays. 

Share the Joy Buttons Box

3. A Combination Feeder

Feeders that allow you to offer both seed and suet in one location create amazing opportunities for bird viewing. Certain birds fancy suet over seed and vice versa, these feeders allow you to play to both without having a large number of specialty feeders. A favourite is our FeatherWeight Seed and Suet Feeder, pictured below. I have definitely gifted this feeder as a gateway into bird feeding before with great success. As you can see, many birds can happily visit at once, choosing the food of their liking, making it a very exciting feeder to watch. 

This Nuthatch, Chickadee and Downy Woodpecker are all able to enjoy this feeder at once, taking advantage of the two Suet cakes and seeds being offered. 

If you get one of these feeders as a gift, don't forget to grab a couple SuperSuet cakes and a seed blend bag so that they can fill it up and put it out right away, it makes it even more exciting. 

Even better yet, a small bag of our Christmas Blend to go along with a feeder gift is seasonal and invites joy to the recipient as well as the birds. 

4. Binoculars

Whether your loved ones typically watch birds in their own yard or love venturing out to bird watch, binoculars are a must have. We can outfit you with the perfect binoculars or spotting scope that meet your needs, no matter what they are. Whether you're thinking a small pair of inexpensive binoculars to keep by the window or in the car or looking to upgrade a current set to something a little more deluxe, we can help. You can order online or come in-store and tell us a little more about what you're looking for as the perfect gift and we can help point you in the right direction.

Vortex Binoculars in use. 

5. Bird Mugs & Bird-Friendly Coffee

Need a stocking stuffer? A teacher gift? A thoughtful little something to offer a coworker or friend? Grab a bird mug + bird friendly coffee combination, because what is better than enjoying a morning coffee out of a gorgeous mug? Plus, introducing someone to Bird-Friendly coffee can do a lot of good. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology lists drinking shade-grown coffee as one of the ways we can help #BringBirdsBack. So many birds overwinter in coffee plantations, it's a win-win for farmers and birds. To learn more about shade-grown coffee you can read our blog "Morning Coffee with the Birds.. Or For Them". 

You gift recipient will have a lovely mug, tasty coffee AND know that they are helping to Bring Birds Back. What a fantastic gift to give! You can find mugs and coffee under the "Home" section online, here, or in-store. 

Bird Friendly Coffee and Mugs in store. 

We hope this makes your holiday shopping just a little bit easier this year. You can order online and have items shipped right to your door or come in-store and tell us a little more about what you're looking for, our associates are incredibly knowledgeable and always eager to help. Whether it's giving the perfect gift or a little something for yourself, we've got you covered. 

Happy shopping and happy birding! 



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