Save the Songbirds Holiday Gift Guide

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

This holiday season, it is more important than ever to support local, small businesses. Keeping that in mind, we wanted to create a holiday gift guide that showcases products that not only people will love, but help to save our beloved songbirds. Cornell Lab of Ornithology named 7 Simple Actions to Saving Songbirds, which includes making windows safer, drinking shade-grown coffee and reducing plastic waste. The perfect trifecta of gifts: supporting local small business, exciting the bird lovers in your life and saving the songbirds. 

Holiday Gift Guide 2020 

1) Cranberry Wreaths: our seasonal Cranberry Wreath and Hot Pepper Cranberry Wreath are back! A favourite for many, they are a beautiful way to feed the birds and decorate your yard at the same time. They are also great as gifts. We love adding them to outdoor trees and seeing who visits. 

Chickadee enjoying Cranberry Wreath 

2) Bird-Friendly Coffee: By converting coffee farms to shade-grown coffee, and putting up trees amongst the crops, bird habitat is created. Birds that then visit these farms offer a free form of pest control, by picking off crop-ruining beetles before they can cause harm. Migratory, insectivorous birds that we get to see move through our region such as the Blackburnian Warbler have a great service to offer farmers. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology lists drinking shade-grown coffee as one of the ways we can help #BringBirdsBack. So many birds overwinter in coffee plantations, it's a win-win for farmers and birds. To learn more about shade-grown coffee you can read our blog "Morning Coffee with the Birds.. Or For Them" here.  

In-store you can grab Bird-Friendly Coffee and a Bird Mug! 

Bird-friendly coffee and a bird-themed 
mug is a great small gift for coffee lovers and bird lovers alike. 

2) Swedish Dish Cloths: Swedish Dishcloths are amazing gifts for anyone! Environmentally conscious, these dishcloths clean everything. They can be great in the kitchen, bathroom or office. One dishcloth is equivalent to 15 rolls of paper towels. It can be cleaned in the washing machine or in the dishwasher (top rack) up to 200 times. A product that reduces waste by saving materials going into the green bin or the regular garbage! Sprinkle these everywhere this season! 

Cardinal Patterned Swedish Cloth

4) Reusable Masks: masks are something we all need now. Do the environment a favour and use reusable masks when you can. We have a range of bird patterned masks in store. It is much more fun to wear a mask that showcases your personality. These make for great stocking stuffers for all the nature lovers in your life! You can watch a video of our owner, Kristen, explaining the masks here

5) Feather-Friendly Decals: Approximately 1 billion birds die from window collisions each year. Feather-Friendly decals are a great gift for the bird lover in your life. These simple, easy to use decals limit the amount of reflective surface area on the glass, greatly reducing the risk of window strikes. By making windows safer, we save songbirds!

Feather-Friendly decals on a window 

We cannot thank you enough for all of the support you have already shown us, as a local small business. We feel so elated to have been able to provide you with all your birding needs throughout these difficult times. Seeing our community only grow has been incredible. We hope you find joy this holiday season by supporting locals and purchasing gifts that help to save the songbirds. 



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