Upcycling: How to Reuse and Re-Purpose Your Christmas Tree

Wednesday, December 25, 2019
Well, it came and it went! It is sometimes hard to believe that all the preparation that goes into Christmas is here and gone in a day. My family tends to keep our Christmas tree up until the New Year so we can continue to enjoy it just a little bit longer, or as festivities continue. We have always enjoyed getting a real Christmas tree and the smell and warmth it can bring into the house. However, in the coming week or so we all will be looking to get rid of our trees. I wanted to address all the ways your tree can be reused or re-purposed instead of going out at the curb- which would be such a waste! 

Here are a couple ideas of what you can do with your tree instead, to see that it has a new life: 

1. Put the tree in your backyard and let it be a home for wildlife! Biologists constantly recommend that trees be taken to the backyard, not the curb. This is a convenient and environmentally friendly option, birds and other animals will use it as home or shelter in the winter months. To make it even better- add some of our Bark Butter products and enjoy the view. 

Trees can be placed neatly, as soon as they collect some snow its even easier to toss seed onto them 

You are bound to get visitors right away! 

Some of our favourite ways to make the tree an attractive shelter and feeding station include: 

Now you have the freedom to decorate and dress this tree as a sanctuary to all. You could even try making a garland out of dried cherries, apple slices or peanuts. Try sprinkling seed in and amongst the branches. Make your own little feeders by smearing BarkButter onto pinecones and placing them in the tree. There are so many fun ways to be creative and capitalize on this natural hideout. 

Hot Pepper BarkButter in a recycled Christmas tree that attracted a pair of Northern Cardinals 

American Tree Sparrow visiting a seed ornament 
2. Donate the tree to a wildlife sanctuary. There are many sanctuaries that will take Christmas trees as enrichment and welcomed additions to animal enclosures. They provide a natural habitat for animals that are being rehabilitated. As much as a Christmas tree may provide you with a sense of home, it can do the same for another. 

3. Donate it to a conservation group that can use it to combat bank erosion. Credit Valley Conservation has been using donated Christmas trees for years to line the banks of the Upper Credit Conservation Area. You can read more about the program here.

4. Repurpose your tree into wreaths, candles, and coasters if you are the crafty type! You can find ample inspiration here. There are even instructions to make a pinecone bird feeder wreath. If you smear BarkButter all over these pinecones you will have visitors in no time! 

Ultimately, there are so many ways that your Christmas tree can find new life and bring further joy to your home and yard. We would love to see what you come up with. 




  1. Hello! I love this idea to put it in my backyard. But I have a small Barrie backyard and can you tell me what happens to the tree over time? I'm worried that if I miss the window to have the city take it, it will become a mess to deal with later?

    1. Thanks for your question Sue! Eventually the tree will turn brown and the foliage will fall off. It can then be cut up and placed out with your yard waste or if permitted burned as firewood :)