Albino Green Frog

Thursday, September 6, 2012
The past few months have been quite busy.  Between my wedding and a wonderful trip to Peru I haven't had the opportunity to make many blog posts.  I will be posting regularly again on the Nature Notes Blog starting today.  

A few months ago you may remember I created a post about an albino tadpole a friend of mind found at a local pond.  We waited and noticed that the tadpole survived and matured into an albino Green Frog.  I was able to get a few photos with my iPhone and have posted the best photo below.  

Albino Green Frog, Lithobates clamitans

 Good herping,

~ Kristen Martyn


  1. wow...really beautiful frog. Is that toad contains poison?? because I've read an article that is a frog has a bright colors contains poison.
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  2. Hi Flogistix,

    Great question! Not its not poisonous. Typically these frogs have a brown and green colour to them which helps with camouflage; but this being an albino has no pigment.