Baillie Birdathon 2012

8:33 AM

Well it's that time of year again.  When birders collect pledges and bird for 24 hours straight as a part of a birdathon.  Typically we try for the greatest number of species ppossible (at least over 100) and head to southern Ontario for our birdathon.  Places like Point Pelee National Park, Long Point and Rondeau Provincial Parks get flooded with migrates during the month of May and it is possible to get an amazing list.  Last year team Natura Tours did our Baillie Birdathon at Rondeau and got a host of warblers as well as a Cattle Egret!!  

For 2012 in support of our new Wild Birds Unlimited store in Barrie and Natura Tours Jenn Sinasac (Natura Tours Tour Leader) and myself headed up to Simcoe County.  While there are many great birding spots we didn't expect to see quite as many species as we did at Rondeau last year.  Our goal was to get at least 80 species and have a great day of birding.  Both goals were accomplished.  We ended the day at 88 species.  The highlights of the day included a Golden-winged Warbler (Brewster's Warbler), Clay-coloured Sparrows, Red-bellied Woodpeckers, Black Terns, Black-billed Cuckoo, Ring-necked Ducks, lots and lots of Bobolinks, Marsh Wrens, Willow Flycatchers and Alder Flycatchers. 

By far though the biggest highlight of the day was our earlier morning visit to Georgian Bay in search of Piping Plovers.  We saw 3 of the 6 Piping Plovers on the beach both inside their fenced off nesting beaches and running along the shoreline.  Here are some photos of our Piping Plover beach adventure.

Piping Plover protected nesting area

Piping Plover protected nesting area

Jenn looking in a Piping Plover nesting area

Piping Plover nesting site

Female Piping Plover on a nest, can you see her?

Male Piping Plover

Male Piping Plover

Male Piping Plover

Male Piping Plover

Male Piping Plover

Another male Piping Plover

Another male Piping Plover, fantastic camouflage

Please support a local birder's birdathon efforts in your area, the proceeds of which goes towards bird conservation. 

Good birding!

~ Kristen Martyn

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  1. Kristen, that piping plover is really cute! Its hard to beleive that fence and the little cage are helping this bird from teetering into extinction. Congrats on your new venture in Barrie.


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