A "Creepy" Encounter

5:27 PM

I had a neat bird experience recently, in downtown Toronto that I wanted to share.  I was walking past a building and noticed a small brown bird fluttering against a window.  I assumed at first glance it was a House Sparrow until I got a little closer.  As I approached I discovered that it was in fact a Brown Creeper repeatedly hitting a window.  Gently I grabbed the bird in a banders grip and examined it.  Apart from being a little flustered and tired, it didn't appear to be seriously hurt in any way.  

I held onto it for a minute or two and admired this little bird whom I have only had the opportunity to view from afar with binoculars.  In hand it was so much smaller than they normally appear on the tree.  It was also neat to get an up close view of the curved beak and incredibly long claw they have on their back toe.  

I released it onto a tree not too far away, where it clung to the tree for a few seconds before "creeping" up and out of reach.  It was an amazing encounter with a species, with one of my favourite bird names.  

Brown Creeper, Photo from Wikipedia

Good birding!

~ Kristen Martyn

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  1. What an encouter!
    I like the way you present it as well. Keep it up!


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