Jenn Sinasac, Guest Blogger

9:34 PM

Jenn Sinasac is a lifelong birder and a birding guide with Natura Tours.  Jenn’s specialty lies with birds of prey and birding in the Central and South America.  From 2008-2009, she worked with The Peregrine Fund on their Central American projects dealing with rare Harpy Eagles in Panama and Orange-breasted Falcons in Belize.  In 2010, Jenn returned back to the Neotropics, this time to Ecuador, where she worked in the Amazon region for a year, studying the birds and wildlife and learning about the indigenous cultures in the western Amazon basin.  Jenn has traveled throughout Canada, the United States, Central and South America (including Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala and Mexico) and Australia.  I'm very excited that Jenn is our next guest blogger!

One of Jenn’s favourite niches of birds are those that have a relationship with army ants, collectively known as Antbirds.  Jenn’s post will focus on these unique birds and their interesting behaviours. 

To learn more about Jenn’s upcoming tours please visit the Natura Tours website (

Good birding!

~ Kristen Martyn

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