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Sorry I have been a little absent from the blog lately!  It’s been a rough few weeks, I got bogged down with some seasonal germs; but I am finally feeling better and am back on the blog. 

Last week I found this little Dark-eyed Junco after he hit a clear glass door at a local conservation area.  When I spotted him he was already dead and lying beside a large glass door.   The conservation area does use window decals to keep birds and wildlife from hitting the glass, but sometimes birds still hit the windows.  

Dark-eyed Junco
The problem of birds hitting buildings is heightened during the seasonal migrations, when the lights over cities result in the deaths of millions of songbirds.  Many ornithologists now believe that collisions with human-built structures are the leading cause of migratory bird deaths in North America.  To help protect birds from hitting windows the Fatal Lights Awareness Program (FLAP) was founded in Ontario, Canada.  As we enter into the migration season here in North America I recommend visiting FLAP’s website (www.flap.org) to learn how you can help and make your home or workplace bird friendly! 

Good birding!

~ Kristen Martyn

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  1. Kristen, thanks for sharing! This sounds like a very interesting organization. They have some incredible photos under their 'about us' section. I'm left wondering what they can do to prevent these collisions beyond raising awareness?


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