Adam Timpf, Guest Blogger

12:50 PM

Adam Timpf is an avid birder with a wide variety of other interests including insects and herps (reptiles and amphibians).  He is currently employed as a Reptile Biologist for the Long Point Basin Land Trust (an NGO) where he works on a project dedicated to conserving Carolinian reptiles.  As a part of his work with Carolinian reptiles Adam co-authored a very successful biodiversity handbook entitled, "Conserving Carolinian Reptiles".  In addition to his birding and his work with the Land Trust, Adam also has experience surveying for dragonflies and even found a new species record for Canada, a Tiger Spiketail.  Adam travelled to Costa Rica in early January to tour around the country with his brother Matt, who has been volunteering his time with some local bird projects at La Selva Biological Station.  During his 8 day stay he managed to rack up a total of 308 bird species!  I'm very happy to introduce Adam as our next Guest Blogger as he relives some highlights from his exciting trip to Costa Rica.

Unfortunately Adam's camera ended up dying the day he arrived, leaving him without any photos from his trip. So in addition to Adam's entry I have added some of my photo from Costa Rica, of some of the species Adam mentions. 

For more information on the Long Point Basin Land Trust please visit their webpage:

Good birding!

~ Kristen Martyn

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