A Nest Full of Eastern Phoebes

5:44 PM

Each year a pair of Eastern Phoebes build a nest on the light above our door at the cottage. Here are some photos from this years family of Phoebes:

It's hard to tell exactly how many babies were in the nest a first glance.

Eye spy with my little eye, two heads...

...and a third. Check-out the nesting material.
There is a lot of moss, pine needles and what looks like spider webs.

One of the parents watches me from a nearby perch, while I take photos of the nest.

The other parent sits on our family made inuksuk and watches the action.

A couple of days after we arrived at the cottage I was relaxing inside when I heard a flutter and hard landing. I looked outside to see the first young Phoebe had left the nest and landed on our BBQ. After the first Phoebe left the other two were not far behind. It was incredible to experience their first flight.

The young Phoebe hangs out on the BBQ.

Eventually this young bird flew into the nearby red pine trees to join its siblings. It amazes me that with such short tail feathers these little birds were able to fly so perfectly on the first try high into the trees. Survival of the fittest as they say.

While this may be an ordinary occurrence, baby birds leaving a nest, it is still amazing to witness one of nature's everyday miracles.

Good birding!

~ Kristen Martyn

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