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It's my believe that the love of nature and wildlife goes hand-in-hand with a few other hobbies and interests. Many wildlife fanatics also enjoy photography (such as myself). For me its a form of expression of my passion for wildlife. Art is another interest that many nature and wildlife enthusiasts share. Nature is such a huge part of art because of the inspiration it provides to us. Even if youre not an artist I'm sure that you can appreciate the art in nature; how almost anything in nature is like a piece of art, unique, one of a kind and completely original. I enjoy collecting art which reflects and captures my love and appreciation for wildlife (I'm sure many of you wildlife enthusiasts do the same thing). In this blog posting I wanted to profile my absolute favourite Wildlife Artist, Lori Dunn. First I have to say that I maybe slightly biased in this article as Lori has been a dear friend of mine for over 10 years; however she is still in my opinion one of the most talented wildlife artists in the world.

I met Lori over 10 years ago when she was working as a Zookeeper at the Toronto Zoo. At the time I was a Co-op Student who was fortunate enough to have to opportunity to work with her in the 'Americas' area of the zoo. What I first noticed about Lori was how passionate she was about animals and wildlife (from snakes to spiders to polar bears). The second thing I noticed was how knowledgeable she was about a wide variety of animals and the third thing I noticed what a warm person she was. I learned a lot about animals and wildlife working with Lori in the Americas; but did not know she was a talented artist until much later on.

Several years after I met Lori she decided to leave her career as a Zookeeper in pursuit of her other passion art. A full time career working with animals did not leave much time for her art, and since leaving the world of animal care she has excelled in her new career as a Wildlife Artist. I know this was not an easy move for her to make as she was passionate about the animals she cared for; however her love and passion for wildlife has never subsided and is now expressed through her art. Lori’s artwork is award winning and has been featured in a variety of exhibits throughout North America (please scroll to the bottom for more information on Lori’s exhibits).

Lori works with three main mediums: coloured pencil, scratchboard and ink. None of these mediums are easy to work with yet her art is always flawless and fully captures the personality of the animals.

There are three things that I really love about Lori's work:

  1. The Title and Description: Each piece of art Lori creates has a name which is reflects the animal she is capturing. Most pieces of her artwork also have a description of the subject and the piece itself. These descriptions may also highlight the conservation efforts of that species as well as why she choose to capture the animal the way she did.
  2. Animal Behaviour: Lori captures the behaviours specific to her subject through her art. A great example of this is pictured below in the piece "The Night Shift" which denotes the Lesser Long Nosed Bats visiting a saguaro cactus bloom.
  3. Variety of Subjects: While some wildlife artist may focus on mammals or animals that appeal to the masses, Lori’s art depicts everything from majestic Western Lowland Gorilla to hairy tarantulas and scaly reptiles. No matter what the subject matter the beauty of the animal shines through.

I am very excited that Lori will be Instructing our upcoming Wildlife Art Workshop in September. With live birds of prey as subjects and Lori’s expert instruction and tips this workshop is sure to be a hit! Please visit our website for more details: www.naturatoursinc.com.

For more information about Lori Dunn and her artwork please visit her website: www.natureartists.com/lori_dunn.asp.

With Lori's permission I have posted some of her pieces below:

"Watching You (Great Ape Series)"
Medium: Coloured Pencil

"Striking Distance"

Medium: Scratchboard

"The Eyes Have It"

Medium: Coloured Pencil

"The Night Shift"
Medium: Scratchboard

"Target Practice"
Medium: Coloured Pencil

"Night Stalker"
Medium: Scratchboard

"Provincial Treasures"
Medium: Coloured Pencil

s Imperfections"
Medium: Scratchboard

"Basking in Big Cypress"
Medium: Pen and Ink

"Jewels of Summer"
Medium: Coloured Pencil

"Living on the Edge"
Medium: Scratchboard

"Atlas Moth"
Medium: Coloured Pencil

Medium: Pen and Ink

"Rainbow Bee-Easter"
Medium: Coloured Pencil

Medium: Scratchboard

Medium: Coloured Pencil

More about Lori...

Lori is a member of:

  • The Society Of Animal Artists
  • Artists For Conservation
  • The Southern Ontario Nature and Science Illustrators

Lori Dunn’s Exhibitions:

  • Buckhorn Fine Art Festival, Buckhorn ON
  • Society of Animal Artists “Art and the Animal” San Diego Natural History Museum, San Diego CA
  • Artists For Conservation virtual exhibition
  • Science-Art-Nature – Stanford University
  • The Wildlife Experience, Denver CO
  • Dunnegan Gallery of Art, Bolivar MO
  • Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, University of Oklahoma, Norman OK
  • SONSI exhibition, Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington ON
  • Peterborough Theatre Guild, Peterborough ON
  • King St. Center for the Arts, Millbrook ON

~ Good Birding!

Kristen Martyn

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