Happy Feet the Emperor Penguin

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If you haven't heard the story of 'Happy Feet' the Emperor Penguin its quite something. Last week an Emperor Penguin (native to Antarctica) landed on a New Zealand beach over 3000 km away from Antarctica! The penguin was nicknamed Happy Feet and was taken in by the Wellington Zoo to nurse back to health.

Some experts believe that the penguin got off course while searching for krill and squid. The penguin underwent surgery to remove debris from its stomach after swallowing sand and pieces of driftwood.

To learn more about Happy Feet's journey read the below articles :

A photo of Happy Feet the Emperor Penguin on a beach in New Zealand
(photo from CTV's website).

Close-up of Happy Feet (photo from the BBC's website).

Lost birds have shown up in Ontario too. This Phainopepla showed up in Brampton, Ontario in November of 2009 (photo from the OFO's website). This bird is native to the South Western United States and Mexico. It was the second record of this species in Ontario. I had the opportunity to see this bird and it was quite exciting! All this being said there is a possibility that this individual was an escaped illegal pet.

This Yellow-Nosed Albatross showed up in Kingston in August of 2010 (photo from the CBC's website). These birds are native to the South Atlantic as far as South America and even Africa! Read more about this bird here: Errant Albatross to Leave Eastern Ontario.

Good birding and keep an eye out for rare birds in your neighbourhood! You never know what will turn up.

~ Kristen Martyn

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