Belated Welcome

4:37 PM

A belated welcome to all of our new followers including:

I want to send a special shout out to PrarieBirder (otherwise known as Charlotte I believe) a fellow Canadian birder with an amazing blog and guest appearances on my favorite Podcast Ray Brown's Talkin' Birds (available on iTunes for free) from Boston, Massachusetts. Her blog address is Please check it out.

Welcome all :)

If you would like to follow our blog please feel free to click the "Follow" button, located on the right column of the page.

~ Kristen Martyn

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  1. Thank you for the welcome and special shout out, Kristen. And thanks for the list of wonderful new (to me) blogs to read.


  2. Oh wow!!! That's for the shout out. It was your blog that inspired me to upgrade my blog. I'm heading to Key Largo this weekend so stay tuned for some interesting postings.

  3. SFlaGuy: Thank you for the kind words! Great Sea Turtle picture and great article on Pennekamp I really love visiting that park!


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