Fauna of the Hawaiian Islands: Video

5:56 PM

Well, we have finally put together our "Fauna of the Hawaiian Islands" video. The video includes video footage of birds and other wildlife from our recent (January 2011) tour of three Hawaiian Islands (Kauai, Hawaii and Oahu).

The video features videos of endemic, native and introduced birds and wildlife. With highlights including:
  • video of an I'iwi calling
  • video of an Hawaiian Amakihi
  • video of a Pacific Green Sea Turtle crawling out of the ocean to rest on a rocky beach
  • videos of native and endemic wetland species, such as Hawaiian Coots, Nene and Hawaiian Black-Necked Stilts
Our "Fauna of the Hawaiian Islands" video can be seen at the bottom of this post or on the Natura Tours YouTube Channel. All of our other videos can also be seen via our YouTube Channel.

For more photos, information and a complete bird list of our tour to Hawaii take a look at our previous blog post "Hawaii: Honeycreepers and Alien Species".

Happy Birding!

~ Kristen Martyn

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