South Florida: Reptiles and Amphibians

4:15 PM

Typically our blog postings focus on birding: photos, videos and bird lists. For, this posting however we have decided to focus on some of the reptiles and amphibians observed during our most recent (January/February 2011) privately chartered tour to South Florida. Florida is known for its wide variety of reptiles and amphibians species. We saw several species in a wide variety of habitats. We hope you enjoy the below photos from a couple of our sightings (we may have included a few bird photos as well!).

Young Gopher Tortoise

Florida Box Turtle

Florida Softshell Turtle

Florida Red-Bellied Turtle

Florida Peninsula Cooter

Brahminy Blind Snake (one of the world's smallest snakes)

Brahminy Blind Snake introduced species from Asia/Africa

Peninsula Ribbon Snake

Florida Green Water Snake

Southern Ringneck Snake

Yellow Rat Snake

Yellow Rat Snake

Yellow Rat Snake

Florida Cottonmouth

Florida Cottonmouth

Florida Cottonmouth

Ducky Pigmy Rattlesnake

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

Veiled Chameleon (introduced population)

Southeastern Five-Lined Skink

Southeastern Five-Lined Skink

Southeastern Five-Lined Skink

Greenhouse Frog

Pig Frog

Southern Toad

Cypress Trees

Burrowing Owls

Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl

Red-Shouldered Hawk

Muscovy Duck

Snow Egret

Tricolored Heron

Anhinga and an Alligator

If you are interested in a specialty tour, such as a tour focusing on reptiles and amphibians, please contact Natura Tours (

Happy Birding and Herping!

~Kristen Martyn

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  1. This really is amazing collection Kristen. I really enjoyed your post and have just shared it on my twitter and digg. Looking forward seeing more great things from you in the future

  2. Hi Michael,

    Thank you for your kind words and your shares :) I'm flattered.



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