South Florida: Photos and Videos

4:00 PM

After our recent adventure in South Florida we have brought back some photos and videos from our birding and wildlife encounters. Enjoy!

Wood Storks in flight.

Red-Cockaded Woodpecker.

Red-Cockaded Woodpecker artificial nest box.

A wide variety of shorebirds can be observed along the coast in
South Florida like these Willets.

Florida is home to a wide variety of wading birds including
several species of herons such as Tricolored Herons...

...Snowy Egrets...

...and Reddish Egrets.

Everglades National Park is the third largest national
park in the US and is home to a wide variety of birds.

Painted Bunting are one of the many species that can be found in the

The Shark Valley Visitors Center of the Everglades National Park
is one of the best places to see one of Florida's most endangered
birds, the Snail Kite.

Burrowing Owls and Gopher Tortoises living side by side in burrows
roped off for their protection.

Signs mark the burrows as belonging to an owl
or tortoise and warn against disturbing the animals.

Some of the Gopher Tortoise burrows are beside roads
and local residents keep a close watch on the tortoises.

We spotted this Limpkin at the side of the road foraging for food.
It was one of 10 Limpkins observed in only two days!

Glossy Ibis are not as commonly spotted as their White counter parts;
this juvenile was observed solo in a wetland.

Anhingas have many different nicknames such as
the 'Snake-Necked Bird' and 'Water Turkey'. They
are easily spotted in the water, flying overhead and
perched on trees like this female.

What trip to Florida would be complete without seeing some American Alligators?

The hatchling on this females back is about a month old.

Check-out our below video of some of the birds and wildlife of South Florida.

Happy Birding!

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